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About us
Tennis, business, reputation.
We hold tennis tournaments Intecracy Open across Europe. This is a series of prestigious, nice and professionally organized events. It is a real chance to fine loyalty of your audience and find new customers. If you want to take part in prestigious tennis tournaments of international level, put the name of your company and its reputation together with us and participants of our tournaments, read this proposal and become a sponsor.
Our achievements
Excellent organization, amazing guests and participants.
Over the last year we have had 6 tournaments:
1. Marbella (100 participants)
2. Marbella ITF with prize pool of $ 15,000 (98 participants)
3. Marbella (95 participants)
4. Kyiv (120 participants)
5. Prague (90 participants)
6. Tallinn (120 participants)

These were amazing events and one of the main events of the local tennis community.
80 tennis players

Average number of participants of each tournament
500 guests

Average number of guests of each tournament
>15 countries

Participants from more than 15 countries

Positive feedbacks
There is always a sports doctor on the courts. The final of each tournament is held by professional referees. The regulation requires a minimum of 5 games for each player. Buffet with fruit and cool water is always available during tournament.
Prize money fund. Prize-winners receive gifts from sponsors. At the end of each tournament, we hold a final dinner with an entertainment program.
Friendly atmosphere. Professional business environment, the opportunity to establish new business contacts at the international level.
Target audience — women and men from 30, middle and senior management, private entrepreneurs.
First three tournaments were held in the most popular resort of Spain, Marbella (5 million tourists for 2 months). The venue is the Royal Tennis Club, which one of the most respected tennis clubs in Andalusia.

Intecracy Open Tour 1 was broadcasted for the ONTV channel and the advertisement was placed on Fresh, Muz On radio. This tournament was highlighted in magazines La Linda, Marbella 24 and newspaper News MK.

We gave press conference for press conference together with City Hall within Marbella Intecracy ITF Cup. A separate interview was held for program Marbella Now on Marbella channel. The information was posted in the journals IMarbella.com, alsodelacosta.com, on the website of the Tennis Federation of Andalusia and Facebook.

"TV channel Kiev" made a reportage about tournament in Kiev, outdoor advertising on citylights was placed around the city.

Before the tournament:
1. Outdoor advertising:
• Posters in the tennis clubs of the city (coverage from 800 people)
• Citylights
• Banners on the roads (coverage from 500 people per day)

2. Digital
• Facebook (each publication has organic coverage from 600-1000 people)
• Online magazines (I Marbella, Marbella 24 Ru, Alsoldelacosta, tennisnet.ee, Sport Guide)
• Radio (Smile FM)
• Tennis groups: Smash (1000 participants), Business League (600 participants), KTK (600 participants), Marbella Elite Cup (300 participants).
• Amatour service (4000 participants, email distribution to 3000 addresses)

During the tournament:
• Photo wall
• Individual stands and roll-up
• Logo on gift bags
• Logo on gifts (gifts are provided by the sponsors)
• Presentations and demonstrating your product
• Sale of products
• Broadcast video on the screen
• Mention at event
• Photo report
• TV (Marbella 95, Kiev Tv)

Intecracy Open Tour 1
Intecracy Open Tour 2
Intecracy Open Tour 3
Feedback of tournament participants
It is excellent debut! Stay the course!👍🏆
Andrey Tulchinsk
President of Solo Marbella Group
Thanks again and can't wait for next tournament! Intecracy Open team did a great job, one of the best tournament I attended!
Natalja Berg
Real Estate Agent в Home In Marbella
Excellent organization and very pleasant atmosphere, whilst competing against good opponents. At the same time I was glad to meet nice and interesting new people, whilst relaxing in the great Spanish resort of Marbella. Surely I will try to follow as many tournaments as possible, because Intecracy tournaments combine, sport, enjoyment and the formation of solid contacts especially in Russia & Ukraine.
Nicholas Kybritis
Attorney-at-Law and Executive Partner в N J Kybritis & Partners
Intecracy Open Marbella tournament was held for the first time. Everything is perfectly organized. Here we have lovely club, well-groomed area, friendly staff and organizers. It was a great event that combines rest and sports. There was also leisure for children. At the end of the event, winners were awarded valuable prizes and a wonderful show program was organized. I want to wish the tournament further development and express gratitude to the organizers.
Elena Stepanov
Director in the Empire Models Agency
Plans for 2019
80 participants
70 participants
80 participants
Marbella ITF Intecracy Open Cup
Prize fund 40,000$
100 participants
Final: Barcelona
200 participants
We offer you to become the sponsor of international tennis tournament Intercracy Open.
Price and composition of sponsor package
Select suitable option
Operational sponsor
Single payment for 1 tournament* in the 1st city
This option is not available at final in Barcelona
  • Logo on the general banner **
  • Logo on the brand wall
  • Publication in Facebook and special tennis groups
  • Mention the name at the event
  • Logo on ID card
  • Possibility for giving prizes
  • Logo on the package with gifts
Local Sponsor
Single payment for 1 tournament* in the 1st city
This option is not available at final in Barcelona
  • Logo on the general banner **
  • Logo on the brand wall
  • Publication in Facebook and special tennis groups
  • Mention your name at the event
  • Logo on ID card
  • Possibility for giving prizes
  • Logo on the package with gifts
  • + Logo on gifts
  • + Broadcast video during the tournament***
  • + Logo on external advertisement and poster
  • + Placement of promotional materials
  • + Placement of vending machines
  • + Coverage in local media
  • + 2 tickets for festive banquet
* Each tournament lasts from 3-7 days
** A common banner with sponsors is always on placed on the central court
*** Your company video is broadcast on the screens of the club during each day of tournament
Thank you for your attention
September and October are the best time to create sponsorship plan and planning. We look forward for your feedback.
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